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Medical Practices Face Unique IT Challenges
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Is Your Technology Keeping Pace?

The challenges keep coming for medical practices. Administrative burdens, regulations, value-based payment models,
quality measures, patient satisfaction goals, and complex EHRs are a regular part of the job these days.

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Medical practices face unique challenges when it comes to designing and maintaining their technology systems. We understand the critical nature of health care IT ― everything from EHRs to HIPAA. Our approach supports these complex demands, giving physicians and practice managers more time to focus on meeting patient needs.


  • Reduce your administrative burden
    Physicians and practice managers have enough on their plate. Our managed IT services are designed to meet your needs for a reliable, robust and secure computing environment.
  • Stay on top of security and compliance 
    Security threats and compliance issues are no small worry for physicians. We help you identify those risks and design and maintain IT systems with security in mind.
  • Increase patient satisfaction 
    Not only is technology essential to well-managed practices, it also plays a big role in high-quality care. Increase patient satisfaction by making sure your IT environment supports care delivery.
  • LEARN MORE. Download our two-pager for more on IT challenges and solutions for medical practices.

Keys to IT Success for Medical Practices, Part 2: Addressing Security and Compliance

Security threats are common these days. Health care is especially vulnerable: global threats rose 45 percent for health care institutions in just the last two months of 2020.[1] These threats often are more serious in a medical setting because highly personal patient data is valuable to cyber criminals and devastating for cyber attack victims.

To help secure physician practice technology environments, it’s important to call on experts who understand and recognize security and compliance risks. We keep up with these risks and address them throughout your IT environment.

See our two-pager on managed IT services for medical practices, or give us a call to find out more.

Approach # 1

Ensuring IT choices are capable of supporting your medical office.

Approach # 2

Developing processes to help ensure compliance with HIPAA and other regulations

Approach # 3

Well design systems enhance patient care, while following best practices in data security

Download our two-pager for more on IT challenges


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Dr. Robert Lemke, MD.

Dr. Robert Lemke, MD.

0IT.US’ Dependability is the single biggest benefit to my business. We have used other IT companies in the past, but there has been no comparison to 0IT.US. The attention we receive makes us feel we have a private computer support company at our fingertips. Whatever the problem has been, they have always found an answer. 0IT.US is always available and ready to help when we contact them at any hours of the day or night to find a solution to our emergency problems as well.

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