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Back in the 2000s, many small to medium-sized companies didn’t worry a lot about their cybersecurity exposure. Things have changed. The most alarming change has been the exponential rise of ransomware. No doubt you’ve heard about businesses, schools, and even governmental agencies that have been hit.

Today, antivirus and a firewall, while still important, aren’t enough on their own to keep your proprietary data and your client’s confidential information secure.

So, what’s the next step?

The next generation of a cybersecurity strategy is a multilayered approach, protecting your systems and data at each level of your IT environment. Having the right IT provider who understands this has become more important than ever, and we are just that IT provider.

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The problem with using only antivirus and firewall protection The importance of using multiple security defenses

With the explosive growth of cybercrime, it’s important for a business owner to assess his/her risk regularly. Knowing the threat landscape and positioning yourself to combat threats is critical to your ability to avoid unplanned downtime and reputational damage

So, let’s answer the question, “How do I know if I need multilayered cybersecurity?”
That is an excellent question, just call us, and we will be happy to assist you.

To learn more, just download our guide. In the past, small to medium-sized companies relied on antivirus and a firewall to keep them safe.

Small businesses need enterprise security today

While both can still be important security tools, the days of them being enough are unfortunately long gone.

Here are five things to consider

  1. How are you securing the data and workflow of work-from-home employees?
  2. Do all employees currently have access to everything on your network?
  3. Are you running any unlicensed or out-of-date applications?
  4. Do you know the security posture of all the online storage or web-based apps your staff is using?
  5. Are the smart devices (security, thermostats, lighting, or speakers) in your office―or home office―locked down?

The data is the future of your business Protecting it is protecting your future

Multilayered cybersecurity is an IT security strategy that proactively works to secure each part of your IT systems that could be used as an attack vector.

We’d be happy to help you determine precisely what IT security elements need to be in place for your workflow. To do this, we conduct a strategic analysis of your current state, identify critical gaps, and provide you with a roadmap to a healthier IT security posture.

Find out why backup is essential in the fight against ransomware

Just in Case

Before the recent overwhelming surge of ransomware attacks came along, data backups were “just in case my computer or server crashes.”

Backups are important

Things have changed. Today, backups are your last line of defense against cyber criminals trying to get money to further their illegal enterprises.

Your business is being targeted

In 2020 alone, more than 1 out of 4 small to medium-sized businesses targeted by cyber criminals were hit with a ransomware attack.[1] That’s why backups are so critical and are now considered to be a part of any robust cybersecurity strategy.

strategy.[1] “2020 Data Breach Investigations Report,” Verizon. (Accessed January 2021).

Please find out how we can help improve security Small business cannot afford data breaches

Many small business owners are under the impression that cybercriminals are targeting only big businesses with deep pockets. It’s not the case. Large corporations have fortified themselves against attack, leaving more vulnerable small to medium-sized companies easier targets for cybercriminals.

But data security and protection aren’t only about protecting yourself from ransomware, malware, and phishing. What about power outages, vandalism, storm activity, fires, or flooding?

A managed services provider (MSP) can help keep your data safe by implementing a multilayered, proactive cybersecurity approach that includes addressing security in the core layers of:

  • Internet protection
  • Application protection
  • Network protection
  • Device protection
  • Employee education

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