Managed DNS Filtering

Content Filtering, Threat Protection, Network Visibility

Organizations of all sizes depend on an advanced DNS Filtering service to gain visibility, comply with content obligations, and reduce malware exposure.

Get Powerful DNS Filtering Protection Made Simple with an easy-to-use interface, unmatched reliability, and industry-leading value. Our managed DNS Filtering delivers best-in-class protection within your budget.

Easy Setup: Fast network-wide setup in minutes

Data Insights: Enhanced DNS Layer Visibility

A.I. Powered: Human-Assisted Machine Learning

  • Rest easy knowing your locations are protected by one of the largest A.I. Powered URL and domain databases available, benefiting from up to 60 million new URL scans daily.
  • Over 12 Billion A.I. and Human Categorized URLs
  • Realtime Domain Scans
  • Millions Of New URLs Categorized Daily
  • 67 Domain Categories
  • Unlimited Custom Policies

Total Web Protection: 99.9% of Web Categorized

  • Powerful Internet Threat Protection
  • DNS filtering provides a robust layer of security to prevent ransomware, phishing scams, and specific DNS protocol-based attacks.
  • DNS Layer Botnet Protection
  • Stops Known Ransomware, Malware, And Phishing Sites
  • Blocks Unknown Zero-Day Site Threats With Realtime DNS Inspection
  • Blocks Most Ad Networks

Why Do Organizations Trust Our Managed DNS Filtering?

Experience for yourself easy-to-manage adequate cloud-based protection that doesn’t slow or disrupt your network.

Content Filtering: Manage 67+ categories, and create multiple allow/block lists that can be assigned globally or by Policy. Add custom list entries direct from logs with a single click.

Threat Protection: Block phishing, malware, adware, and more with realtime updates from the Machine Learning threat detection engine. Manage suspect TLDs through our industry-first active TLD custom filtering lists.

Network Visibility: Gain insights into your network with 30 days of searchable realtime logs, and view aggregate activity counts by domain, category, TLD, record type, and more, all with drill-down navigation. Get DNS message inspection with full RDATA and message response views.

Best in Class DNS Layer Filtering


Block malicious ad networks preventing stealth infection from unsuspecting users.

Malicious Scripts

Block domains with hidden code fragments that exploit vulnerabilities


Block fraudulent and scam related domains used in phishing campaigns

Infected Hosts

Block compromised hosts that can infect and steal data

Protecting Over 1,500 Networks Worldwide

Ransomware / Malware

Block malware distribution points and C2 (Command and Control) Domains for

DNS Layer Protection

With over 90% of malware acting at the DNS layer to some degree, DNS layer protection is critical.

enhances compliance

Get advanced protection from DNS Rebinding Attacks, Data Exfiltration over DNS, and inspect all DNS traffic with full message response views.