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Dear reader – Another year here is the January edition of our Technology Insider newsletter.

Hello and welcome to the January 2022 edition of our Technology Insider newsletter. 

I can’t promise flying cars, which might not be too far in the future. Still, I can promise there are three areas of business technology that I think will be important this year. Two of them might be new to you but bring massive opportunities. All is revealed in the newsletter. 

Here’s what else is inside this month: 

  • How to hide your email address when you get quotes or join mailing lists
  • An upgrade when moving or sharing files in OneDrive and SharePoint
  • What is juice jacking, and how can you protect your team from it

And the usual tech facts and quiz. If you’ve got any feedback or questions about technology, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at: or call 210-680-7770

Enjoy reading your Technology Insider.

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